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Project: This grandmother spends lots of time with her 4 grandchildren and wanted a bathroom that was fun and easy to get kids in and out of the tub. The existing bathroom was compartmented into two cramped rooms and included laundry, with wood paneling and dropped low ceilings over part of the room.


Dream: Colorful, cheerful, spacious and light bathroom with deep soaking tub (no shower), with laundry and storage.


Challenges: Transforming the small cramped rooms into one open and light space.


ReImagined: A bright and cheerful open space! By taking the rooms down to the studs, we created a very light filled and jolly bathroom. Installing a stack washer/dryer behind attractive louvered sliding doors, we created floor to ceiling storage on the other side. Large porcelain tiles wrapped around the room in rugby stripes, and “bubble” lights hang from the 12 foot ceilings. A rich dark wood vanity grounds the rooms as you enter, with a fabricated stone top and matching cap to the half wall. This room now does  it’s job with style, and the client recently told me she had all 4 grandchildren in the big tub just as she dreamed!

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