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Oakmore Neighborhood, Oakland

Project: Cramped, dated bathroom with original shower stall, large tub and single pedestal sink.


Dream: A master bathroom for a busy professional mom and student daughter providing a bathroom they could use together during the morning rush, with a deep soaking tub and plenty of storage, all in keeping with the original Storybook design of the house.


Challenges: Tight space, sloped ceilings, shallow floor for plumbing repositioning.


ReImagined: A magical Storybook cottage bathroom, with a spacious vanity, 2 simple medicine cabinets with mirrors on inside of doors as well. The cobblestone floor is the star of this precious room. Selecting a narrower than typical vanity allowed me to provide plenty of storage and two sinks. Space was “found” for the vanity by relocating the toilet to the opposite wall and installing a wall mounted toilet giving an additional 10 inches of floorspace, with working parts cleverly installed in the wall accessed through a panel. The toilet is tucked behind the back half-wall of the shower, providing an elegant spacious feel. Cottage style lighting hung from the sloped ceiling over the vanity keep the style authentic while creating plenty of light. A simple hinged glass panel on the tub/shower gives this charming master bathroom an open and airy feel, without compromising the authentic style of the house.

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