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REImagine Your Home

Let’s create a beautiful, functional and affordable style that reflects you.

Liane Anderson

Liane brings energy to your project. 1 part designer, 1 part problem solver and 1 part motivator, Liane gets projects moving! Practical and enthusiastic, her humor, confidence and good instincts transform your challenge into a solution. Decades of experience in home remodeling have given her the skills and professional contacts to bring quality workmanship and materials to every project, while keeping a sharp eye on budget and timelines.

Your home should bring a smile to your face every time you enter. Your home should make you feel restful, not beholden to maintenance.


Fads and trends aside, let’s work together to give you a personalized, affordable, functional and beautiful home that considers your personality and your home’s authentic style. I’ll help you prioritize and remove what you don’t love and add only what you do love. Forget about trends, make your own style by REIMAGINING you home with me.

Who I am



Design Inspiration

Color and material selections

CAD concept drawing

Long range design planning


Assist with language to  communicate with your service providers.

Excellent service provider referrals.

Meet with you on site.

Facilitate deliveries of materials.


Right sizing your possessions

Monetize surplus via auction online sale

ReImagining existing furniture

Facilitate donations



Good design is not cookie cutter, I bring your style to you, not mine. Anyone can copy a room from a magazine, and to be sure I use pictures for inspiration, but all of my projects are about listening and designing for your life, your story and your tastes. My projects show the personality of my client reflected, not mine. 



Liane Anderson

35 Ramona Avenue, Oakland, 94611

 Tel: 510-912-9111

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“I recommend you hire designer Liane Anderson to do your bathroom, I hired her to redo my bathroom. Just as they were doing the demolition I became very ill and was in the hospital and later in arm and leg casts. Liane oversaw the whole thing and when I was finally able to see the result, I was delighted. Liane is super easy to work with as she has a great personality and a million ideas. You won't be sorry you hired her and you'll be happy with the result. The contractor she works with is also easy to work with and is detail oriented.”

- Penelope Bevan, Oakland

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